Ethics Management


Corruption has been institutionalised in many organisations to the negative impact of reputation damage. As an organisation that supports initiatives like BEN-Africa we provide training and consulting on corporate governance and ethics management.

Our Integrity & Ethics Risk Management services include developing and/or conducting the following:

    • forensic and specialised investigations
    • awareness campaigns
    • fraud and ethics risk assessments
    • developing implementation & action plans

Integrated risk management

What is Integrated Risk Management?

The rise in digital processes, the era of globalization and the trend toward third-party reliance are forcing organizations to evolve from a siloed risk management approach to IRM, requiring additional technology to support these complex processes.

  • Bridging the strategy/tactics gap to ensure that project delivery is tied to organisational needs and vision.
  • Focusing projects on the benefits they exist to support, rather than simply on producing a set of deliverables.

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So what exactly is Integrated Risk Management today?

At the same time, an organization must apply this “integrated” view across a variety of risk management activities that take on distinct perspectives of risk. For example, a legal department has its own definition of risk and its own series of mitigation plans, but that legal definition of risk varies drastically from the way IT-related risk is being addressed. By integrating these siloed risk constructs under one centralized risk management framework, an organization can view and analyze every risk metric simultaneously.

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